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Healthy, balanced chakras are the bedrock of your physical vitality, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Chakra Healing for Beginners, a remarkably experiential online course to awaken your body's energy system, is now on its way to you. Get ready to reset your chakras in a way you've never imagined before.
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You get over 62 sessions of fundamental energy principles
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What You Get
Simple and powerful exercises to sense, activate,and balance each chakra
All videos and recourse downloadable and playable any device
Animated videos for chakra visualization and meditation
Over 62 training sessions with full HD quality videos
Morning and evening chakra rituals for daily use
Comprehensive, step-by-step, and experiential training
Why our chakra course is special.
A Remarkably Simple and Effective Method. Inspired by Ancient Korean Traditions.
Simple and Direct Methods

Personal empowerment can be achieved through proper care and development of the 7 chakras, your body's energy centers.  With remarkably simple and direct methods, learn how to sense, activate, and balance your chakras and discover a super path to a sustained health, happiness, and boundless joy.
World Class Energy Experts 

This course is developed by Ilchi Lee,  NY Times bestselling author and founder of Body & Brain Yoga, which have been embraced by millions of people worldwide. Dawn Quaresima, a gifted healer trained by Ilchi Lee, will be your guide on this special chakra healing journey. 
Ancient Korean Origins

Drawn from the wisdom of Korea's 10,000-year-old mind-body philosophy, then modernized and refined over three decades by Ilchi Lee and hundreds of trainers, this course offers a unique and highly effective approach to chakra health and energy development.  

About Dawn Quaresima
Dawn is the regional director of Body & Brain Yoga centers in the Eastern Region of New York and has been a Body & Brain Yoga instructor since 2005. She has taught many advanced energy workshops both locally and nationally, including Body & Brain's Energy Principles Workshop, Heroes Leadership Training, and Body & Brain Instructor Course. Dawn can also be found on the DVD, Dahn Yoga Essentials, as well as on's course, "Body & Brain Yoga with Dawn."

Why Heal Your Chakras?

Chakras are the organs of your body's energy system to which every aspect of health is connected. Extended from the base of the spine to the top of the head, these seven spinning vortexes receive, assimilate, and express your energy.

Imbalances in these energy centers manifest as unhealthy behaviors or disease. If you are experiencing some limitations or challenges in your life—in relationships, career, or health—one or more of your chakras are not balanced.

Your chakras not only reflect where you are now, but also have powerful energetic switches to reset the course of your life. The Chakra Healing: Beginner's Course is a systematic approach to flipping these switches for greater health, happiness, and fulfillment.

1st Chakra - "I live."
Location: Base of spine
Color: Dark red

This chakra is associated with your survival needs, your sense of grounding, and your connection to the physical plane. When the 1st chakra is balanced, it brings you physical vitality, a sense of safety and security, stability, solidity, and prosperity. When the 1st chakra is weak, you experience feelings of fear or anxiety, significant challenges within your body, family, and business, and difficulty in manifesting what you want in your life. When the 1st chakra is overactive, you tend toward overeating, excessive spending, greediness, resistance to change, and workaholism.
2nd Chakra - "I feel."
Location: Lower abdomen
Color: Soft red

The 2nd chakra is related to emotions and sexuality. When the 2nd chakra is balanced, it brings you depth of feeling with the ability to enjoy pleasure, sexual fulfillment, and a passion for life. When the 2nd chakra is weak, you often experience emotional numbness, lack of excitement, and fear of sexuality or pleasure. If it’s overactive, you tend to experience excessive mood swings, addiction to stimulation, and sexual addiction.

3rd Chakra - "I do."
Location: Solar plexus
Color: Orange

This chakra controls your personal power, will, and autonomy. When the 3rd chakra is balanced, it provides self-esteem, good self-discipline, a spontaneous and playful attitude, and the ability to take risks. When the 3rd chakra is weak, you experience a lack of energy, poor digestion, low self-esteem, poor self-discipline, and tend to see yourself  as a victim. When it’s overactive, you show a tendency to be controlling, arrogant, hyperactive, and place exaggerated importance on power and status.

4th Chakra - "I love."
Location: Heart
Color: Gold

This chakra is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, ego and unity. When the 4th chakra is balanced, it brings you boundless love, wholeness, compassion, a deep sense of peace and centeredness, and empathy. When the 4th chakra is weak, you have feelings of shyness, alienation, loneliness, a fear of intimacy, and a lack of empathy. When it’s overactive, you tend to focus too much on pleasing others, have poor boundaries, and experience jealousy.

5th Chakra - "I express."
Location: Pit of throat
Color: Blue-green

This chakra is related to communication on all levels. When it’s balanced, it brings you clear communication with your self and others, the expression of your truth, the ability to listen to your inner voice, and creativity. When this chakra is weak, you experience difficulty expressing things or ideas into words, have a fear of speaking, and exhibit excessive shyness. When it’s overactive, you have a tendency of talking too much, an inability to listen, difficulty in being silent, and an overactive thyroid.

6th Chakra - "I see."
Location: Forehead (third eye)
Color: Navy blue

This chakra is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. When it’s balanced, it brings you insight, strong intuition, wisdom, and the ability to see the big picture. When it is weak, you experience difficulty visualizing, poor memory, lack of imagination, and difficulty in recognizing patterns. When it’s overactive, you tend to have nightmares, a lack of concentration, intrusive memories, and excessive fantasizing.

7th Chakra - "I am."
Location: Crown of head
Color: Lavender, purple

This chakra represents the highest state of enlightenment and facilitates your spiritual development. When it’s balanced, it brings you spiritual connection, wisdom and mastery, open-mindedness, and totality of being. When this chakra is weak, you tend toward spiritual skepticism, a lack of inspiration, a closed mind, and apathy. When it’s overactive, you tend toward excessive intellectualism, spiritual elitism, and form excessive attachments.